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In The Two Sides Of Love you play a former boxer who has lost everything, especially the people closest to him, after being accused of being a drug addict and alcoholic. 

Your ex-wife disappears and that brings your daughters back into your life, but where is she? 

You will have to investigate who this strange nightmare subject is, while trying to win back the love of your daughters.

New version 1.6 

Change log: 

  1. Native english translation for days 1 and 2 thanks to Wicked Garden 
  2. More than 50 renders of chapter 1 have been re-edited and redone. 
  3. Now you can change the age of the girls in the preferences. 
  4. Several dialogs have been changed. 
  5. Sexy dialogs with incest added 
  6. Fixed the brightness in some of the animations. 
  7. New sounds
  8.  New songs
  9.  GUI changes

 it is 100% recommended to start a new save 

New version 1.5 

Change log: 

  1. Native english translation for days 1 thanks to Wicked Garden 
  2. Incest is obligatory but the story makes more sense. 
  3. More than 15 animations added 
  4. New 300 renders 
  5. GUI changes

StatusIn development
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(38 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tags3D, Adult, Dark Humor, First-Person, Lesbian, Lewd, Male protagonist, Yuri


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Any new updates? or its no more


Hello. Do you have a discord? I would love to talk to you! Please do add me on there.



One of the best games around! I hope devs give us more Anna in future updates!
Most recent version links:
The Two Sides Of Love V0.2.6.2-PC
The Two Sides Of Love V0.2.6.2-MAC

There is any new? how did you get those links?


I am new here

the game was good im hoping there will be a update soon i played the last free release when it came out decided to check today if there was anything new thee isnt so still waiting plz update soon


any femdom in this game and femdom character  name please


So far just one scene with Julissa. (I hope it doesn't become a thing in this game)


Amazing start. I was skeptical but you got me conviced when i got to choose between a bald and a "hairy" pussy (not dat hairy but still, i enjoyed) and we got me meme with the cat. Plenty of smols and mature, all good looking, funny moments and I hope we get to see more kinky stuff. Keep up with the good work


Great start, beautiful characters, nice animations, options for the MC (which I hope will be meaningful), the game doesn't delay erotic stuff just because it is in an early stage. If a character is ready for mischief or even sex it will happen.

Already too many possible love targets, which will certainly mean few scenes with your favorite girl in each update, too many memory and dream sequences for my taste.

1- Let the player choose who the main character has sex with, don't make any sex scene mandatory. 2- Give options during sex scenes (cum inside/outside, anal/vaginal etc.) Let the player decide.

Great start!
Do you have a discord channel?

Droid compatibility maybe?

I just found your game and played for few minutes....very promising story with funny  and sexy characters.
I'm only sorry that it will end pretty soon and before getting  to the crucial scenes :-)

Hope there will be quite early an important update or a good final.

I felt this game is one big tease, played this game all the way through just wish there was more sex in the game. Love the memes and love the renders just wish there was more then a tease.

 This looks amazing. Will you do a Mac version?

game looks good, I'll give a review as soon I finish it.

hi i just started reading your V. N. its great from first 10 mins of reading it i hope you don't take this the wrong way but there are floors in it as in English grammer I'm not sure if it a translation issue like once the MC comes back from his run he takes a *( shower )*, but in fact he is in the *( bath )* having a soak it little things like that witch makes a A rated V.N. but with a few tweaks here and there could take it so easy into A++ rating and if you had a English born and breed proof read little thing like that would take it into a WOOWWW v.n. and in case you am wondering yes i would glady help proof read it for you but as for the rest of it i am loving the story-line and the CGI them i cant realy find and faults so far even if i was being ultra critical and nit picking, so hit me up if you want my help or discuss any way of making a good v.n. into a great one.

Yours Mr GaTeZ.


I find it funny you're bashing on his English when your grammar and punctuation are that of a 6th grader. Don't think so here is a list:

1. Incorrect usage of parenthesis
2. Incorrect usage of comma
3. Capitalization
4. Spelling in at least 4 spots (Example: "if you had a English born and breed proof blahblahblah." The correct way to state that would be: "if you had an English born and bred proof reader blahblahblah."

I can only assume that this is your play to plea at the author NightGamesX to get free inside issues. If not, please stay in school. I digress....

Solid work man, yes there are some grammatical errors here and there, to which if you are using a translator or something like that, having a proof reader of native tongue can be very beneficial indeed.  I definitely feel like the story line is very nuance at this point and I understand why you went this route. The whole scene with the "i hope this baby has an rtx3090 blahblah," clearly shows you know the niche for the current popularity trend. And you are not wrong, but you could do with some deviance and actually do a bit more world/character building. It would make the story that much better and show actual effort in your work aside from your gorgeous renders.

Kudos by the way -----
Stunning renders A+++++++

But if you want the longevity of that fat cash flow I would suggest just a bit more story on the MC and the whole fucking a girl live television is just a bit....it forces a disconnect from the MC and makes any form of flow that was happening completely crash and fall flat. Making it seem like a cheap porno where you "daughter" is the same skank you have seen on 34288934557398 porno's and the believable aspect is ruined completely. So I honestly would remove or re-write that scene if you want viewers to think this is more than just another smash and grab title like all the others that don't stand out from the pack. Which I can tell, your rendering takes a lot of time, if you can't write well or story tell it will end up falling to 50-60% of its potential and price earnings. Unless you hire a writer, which isn't that spendy. Really isn't . Short story authors do a flat rate and as an investment into your product initially you will get much more revenue in the future if you put in the world building aspect. I can 100% guarantee you this.

Just my opinion. :) Keep up those renders and I hope you see this and consider what I proposed. Till next update''````

mega is giving me problems

The combat against the "king" results in a bunch of error screens, it is possible to push through by ignoring them.
But given you have to go through 4 different error screens for each "decision" you make during the combat it is a problem to say the least.

I love the way the game flows. Not alot boring backstory that your forced to trudge through in the beginning, It gets right into experiencing the story and making choices right away. Awesome introduction to all the main characters without ridiculous dialogues that no one ever speaks in real life. Plus it avoids tired and overused ploys. I was seriously anticipating, clicking, waiting, ready for the "peek or don't peek in shower" prompt choices. It never came. I like that it blatantly accuses, badgers and teases the "Landlord" with being a perverted sex fiend constantly. Very tongue in cheek, and it shows how it doesnt take itself too serious. If you need any proofreading done. im fluent in california English y en Español. : )


Nice game, and aside from one mistake the level of english is good there was nothing to apologise for.

"his" is third person possessive pronoun for male subjects only.
When talking about female subjects the correct one would be "her".
So it would be "her cunny" for exemple... or her boobs, and his dick.

Although some would argue that gender is based on what's in one's head and not what body parts a person carries nowadays, so it could be considered to not even be a mistake. I don't think so though. Life is about to make do with what you have, the rest is mere delusion. But i digress, sorry about that.

Nice game, keep up the good work.

Although if you plan to tell players the thoughts of other characters than the MC, and to have the player see the girls getting lewd with one another while the MC is away, you probably should remove the "first person" tag - or not, just giving my opinion here.